Mittwoch, 1. August 2007
okay, it's getting really strange with me.
honestly, i don't know why i am starting to write at the moment.
I just got the feeling i absolutely needed to write something :-P

okay, for all who care, things aren't that well at the moment here in Germany.
Got some trouble last few days and i feel like I'll explode soon... okay, from monday on i'll have holidays... hope things will get better, but i doubt it.

i always told me: if you are really down, then the only way is up again. well, i hope this time will come soon cause i just can't stand my emotional situation at the moment anymore. :-P

okay, kind of confusing - isn't it.
well, if you also wanna know sth about my life at the moment - it's full - it's occupied...

okay, hope things gonna go better soon enough.
i mean there is only one way - up...