Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2007
Back in Germany...
the day before yesterday i arrived around half past 11 p.m. in Stuttgart at the airport.
the flight was better than i thought, we had the ability to choose between 20 or more channels so the flight was kind of fun.
well, the flight from copenhagen to stuttgart was rough and kind of scary - the airplane was way too small!

unfortunately they didn't deliver my second bag so now i'm at home with only one bag... :-(
but i hope that they'll soon send it to me.

actually it's so unreal to be back at home - i mean it's great but i can't accept that it's real.
it feels like a dream - and i am the dreamwalker...

okay, so much by now - i haven't found a link in the internet to write in charakters yet so until now i don't have qq. but as soon as i get the charakters, i'll install it!
until then you can find me on msn:

miss u...

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