Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2007
homesick, danni?

anni and I had a good reason to laugh yesterday afternoon. Before i tell you the reason for it, you should know that danni is the most easy-going of us, which means normally while we are going crazy she just keeps on smiling and is the most polite person you can find in china...

but i guess she got kind of homesick :-)

we were just getting out of the restaurant where we ate lunch, when a chinese was crying
after us in a most unpleasant tone.

anni was just rolling her eyes, i kept on going, but danni turned and screamed across the market:

"halt dei fotz'n, du dreggeder kineas!"

she's a very proud bavarian "derndl" by the way ;-)

oh danni, you shouldn't feel homesick - 10 more days and then you'll be back in your beautiful Bavaria!

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