Samstag, 9. Juni 2007
shopping, cooking,...
because juan slept over in flo's flat, we four went to beijing together this morning.
danni was meeting a friend there, so we three went on our own to the so called "silk street".
it's a big shopping hall where you can find everything you desire.

juan kind of doen't like our coconut ;-)

so we went there shopping for a while, and around lunch time we disovered that our stomaches were kind of empty - so we decided to go to juans home and cook.
with bags full of vegetables, chicken and tofu we went to the 12. floor and started cooking...

anni was cutting the vegetables, i was standing on the wok and juan was organizing the right music...
the meal was finally kind of interesting;

1. meal:

onions, tofu, i don't know how to call this violet vegetable, zuchhini

2. meal:

onions, chicken, tomato, papricot, tobacco

the first was kind of strange, but the second tasted like chicken fajita withou the fajita :-)))

ja und das war dann auch schon unser gemeinsamer nachmittag. on the way to the subway i got almost depressed, because i suddenly realised that its really coming the time where i need to say goodbye to all of my friends here.
of course, i promised juan that i'll visit him in mexico one day, but until then... and when will i see my chinese friends for the next time?
oh the next weeks we'll be so depressive inspite of my joy keyi coming back home...

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